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Learning the Technique

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About the Transcendence Technique

Many spiritual masters and seers have foretold that humanity is entering a more spiritual age, but planetary behavioral change does not happen unless some kind of pressure is applied, be it the environment, a pandemic, political upheaval or otherwise. In the eyes of many, such pressure has arrived. But these forces alone may not be sufficient to effect the positive change we are aspiring for; the introduction of positive forces may also be needed.


Swami Sri Atmananda, founder of the Satyachetana Movement, has provided a New Year’s forecast on a regular basis over the last 25 years, where he describes some general attributes of the coming year. In his last inspection of subtle plane energetics during the emergence of 2021, he witnessed a buildup of forces primed to release large scale devastation on earth. He saw many developments during 2021 that would greatly increase the suffering of humanity.


During the 2021 New Year’s address, Swamiji revealed that these developments can be mitigated by bringing more spiritual energy into the collective human consciousness. However, as many colors make up the visible spectrum of physical light, there are many types of spiritual energy. Dealing with the current problem requires a new technique that can bring down the most powerful spiritual energy from the plane of Unity; an energy of consciousness that lies beyond the spectrum of the three gunas (i.e., sattwa, rajas and tamas, where most spiritual techniques like meditation enrich the level of sattwa energy in one’s system). 


The effects of this new practice can be experienced up to 8 hours after a 25-minute practice. Since we are all part of the collective human consciousness, this means we are introducing a higher vibration to this shared consciousness over this 8-hour period. When 11,000 people are practicing this technique on a regular basis, the great suffering that Swamiji saw can be avoided.  

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Since there are many types of human systems, this transcendence technique is taught in different ways, tailored to each person’s individual system. In this way the transcendence technique can have the optimal impact on both the person and the collective. Completing a questionnaire is part of the process for learning this technique, which enables the teachers to determine the appropriate method of teaching. 


The technique is taught in three stages which allows us to acclimate to the energy as it moves through the system. This also allows everyone, irrespective of their level of spiritual experience, to participate. Only your aspiration to serve as a channel of Divine is needed. 


The technique is taught to you at an initial class, which includes the practice of the meditation at the end. After this initial class, participants can then practice this on their own. There are optional weekly group meditations for those practicing this technique that will enhance this transformation of the collective consciousness, while simultaneously accelerating one’s personal transformation. 


Classes to teach the technique are scheduled when there is sufficient interest. Typically one is offered every couple of months.

If you are interested in learning the Transcendence Technique,
Please take the following steps:


Please  fill out the google form:

After you fill out the form, we will send you an agreement for your electronic signature.

We will analyze your system, and then add you to the schedule for the next class.  The process will take around 3-4 weeks. 

Look out for email from Partha or from the PandaDoc website (for the agreement).  Check your spam folder, as sometimes our email could be sent there.  

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Thank You

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