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As a practitioner of the Transcendence Technique, you may be noticing that the process of resolving and clearing long-held, unconscious, deeply rooted samskaras is accelerated. 

For many, the process is working deeply and thoroughly, often in unexpected ways.


As your practice progresses, the need for more specific attention to entrenched emotional issues may emerge. In response to this need, some members of our Sangha who have experience addressing subconscious emotional samskaras in a spiritual context are available to offer support and guidance in smaller groups and on an individual basis.

Individual meetings and smaller support groups and workshops are offered to support you to focus attention, process specific issues more deeply, and receive collaborative support in the clearing of trapped, entrenched energies.

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For support with specific psychological or emotional issues you are welcome to contact the sangha members below to schedule a time to talk about your experience and explore what might be arising.

Please come to your meeting with a clear intention, a specific issue, or perhaps a definite question, to make best use of your time. 

NOTE: While elements of the technique may be part of your session’s inquiry, these are not sessions in which the technique is taught or in which training occurs. 

Contact Partha Srinivasan at with specific questions about the technique.

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Additional Support

Additional support for the movement and clearing of Samskaras includes physical yoga, asana, breathing techniques, elemental and chakra work and other forms of meditation, as well as study, education and learning. The Sangha members below offer support in a variety of areas.


You are welcome to contact any one of the sangha members below to learn more about the approaches, practices or groups they offer.

Cancellation Policy

When scheduling a meeting or a session with any one of the Supporting Sangha Members, please be aware that everyone is donating their time, attention and experience.


If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give respectful notice to the practitioner, at least 48-hours in advance.

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