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Transformation and manifestation through Yogic Transformation

Transformation & Manifestation

Support for Practitioners of Gita Yoga

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Om Namo Bhagavate

The practice of yoga both defines and is defined by our relationship to the Divine.

The aim of yoga is to express the will of the Divine in the world, to affect a spiritual awakening that inspires us to bring our divine nature into human form;

and ultimately to manifest a divine life. 


The purpose of this site is to support the practice of yoga, to offer resources that may assist in bringing divinity into action in our everyday lives . . . in service to the manifestation of Truth and Love through our mental, vital and physical nature, ultimately transforming the lived experience of all humanity.

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When contemplating yogic transformation there are two fundamental principles to be considered . . . inclusion and surrender. Inclusion refers to accepting, without equivocation, the current form or “formation” of one's life experience;

while at the same time, surrendering all attachment to the “form” or content of that life.


Living a transformative life, a yogic-life, leads to cultivation of the capacity to be at home in the world, in life, in the body, as it is; the willingness to responsibly accept the consequences of our choices, relinquishing victim stories, and manifesting through our words and deeds the awareness of the sacred Divinity that enlivens us.

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"True consciousness is Divine Consciousness.

When we are cut off from Divine, we become absolutely unconscious.

Everything in the world, the state of our life circumstances, is the result of this separation from Divine Consciousness.

This is the root cause of all human misery."

Sri Aurobindo


True transformation is the migration of attention and awareness back to the truth of what we are.

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